The Office of Grants Management (OGM) was established in July 2009 and was tasked with the design and implementation of internal controls and guidelines for the City-wide Grants Program. 


 The purpose of the City-wide Grants Program is to develop, implement and maintain a system for grant oversight and coordination and to limit the City’s exposure to liability and loss of funding through the establishment of clearly defined internal controls and guidelines for the application, acceptance, and financial administration of all grants.


 To effectively manage the City’s grant related resources with diligence, transparency and integrity; and to provide complete and accurate disclosure of each program and its financial results. 


 At the end of the 2015 fiscal year, the City’s grant portfolio included 43 grant programs with a total value of $27.5M. At year-end, multi-year grants had a balance of $11M available for carryover to the new fiscal year. 
Grants Master List as of 9.30.15
Grants Master List as of 12.31.15
Grants Master List as of 3.31.16

2015 Grant Awards

Grant Title

Effective Date

Award Amount

Community Development Block Grant 2014/2015 10/1/14


HOME 2014/2015 10/1/14 137,285.00
Water Safety Grant 2015 10/1/14  34,328.00 
Justice Assistance Grant 2014 (BSO Local Solicitation) 10/1/14  37,353.00 
Highway Lighting Maintenance & Compensation Agreement


Maximizing Out of School Time (MOST) - 2015 10/1/14 146,044.00
Section 5310 Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Capital Assist.



Older Americans Act (OAA) Program 2015 1/1/15 450,595.92 
Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) 2014/2015 1/6/15 59,500.00 
Civic Center Park Expansion-Phase I 2/4/15 75,000.00 
Civic Center Park Expansion-Phase I I 2/4/15 75,000.00 
State Revolving Loan Program - Point Source Water Pollution Control 2/11/15 374,000.00 
Pembroke Road Project - Roadway Improvements 3/2/15 2,126,135.00 
Emergency Home Energy Program (EHEAP) -2015/2016 4/29/15 28,172.12 
Highway Beautification Grant 2014/2015 6/5/15 100,000.00 
State Housing Initiatives Program (SHIP) 2015/2016 7/1/15 615,060.00 
Local Services Program (LSP) 2015/2016 7/1/15 141,550.00



The OGM supports City departments in their grant seeking and grant management efforts through the following:

Grants Locator

The City of Miramar subscribes to eCivis, a searchable grants database.  Access to eCivis is available to City Department Grant Liaisons. eCivis resources include:
  • Federal, state and foundation grant opportunities
  • Search by category, keyword, agency, funder type, geographic area, etc
  • Downloadable grant application forms, guides and instructions including samples of previously awarded grant proposals
  • Short online courses on grant writing and many other areas of grants management including accounting, compliance, reporting, audits, etc. (licensed) (free) 

Research and Referrals

The Office of Grants Management utilizes eCivis to identify funding opportunities which align to the City’s legislative priorities.  Grant opportunities are referred to Departments as often as identified.

Grant Writing Services

This initiative seeks to support Departmental efforts to increase grant revenue and fund additional City services and projects.


Training is provided to grant related staff throughout the year and in various formats including workshops, webinars and one-to-one instruction.

The City also partners with Grants Writing USA to host professional grant training. Benefits are twofold; 1) Promote the City’s beautiful Cultural Center Arts Park and/or other venues as convenient training locations that are easily accessible from Broward and Dade Counties; and 2) Provide City staff with free professional development opportunities to better manage grant resources and pursue new grant opportunities.  

Click to view upcoming Grants Writing USA grant training opportunities.

Accounting & Compliance

Per state statutes and federal regulations, the City is audited annually to ensure compliance with grant program guidelines. The OGM is tasked with financial oversight of grants citywide to ensure 100% compliance and continued grantor support.




Policies & Procedures