Water Rates & Fees

Water Service Reconnection
If water service is disconnected for non-payment, a disconnect/reconnect service charge of $50.00 must be paid along with the past due balance prior to restoring service. Payments to reconnect service must be received by 5 p.m. EST to be reconnected on the same day. Payment received after 5 p.m. EST will be reconnected by the end of the next business day. Request for reconnection made: after 5 p.m., over the weekend, or on a holiday will require payment of the disconnect/reconnect service charge of $50.00, along with the past due balance, and a $135 after-hour fee. To request an after hour reconnection, please call 954-602-HELP.

Pool Filling Adjustments
A rate adjustment may be available for filling a swimming pool. If a customer qualifies, the adjustment will be for 12,000 gallons of sewer charges for in-ground pools and 6,000 gallons of sewer for above-ground pools. A flat rate of $3.87 per thousand gallons is charged for sewer.

Rules & Restrictions
  • Only properties that are connected to the city sewer line are eligible.
  • Pool must be completely drained and refilled (topping off a pool does not qualify).
  • Request form must be completed and sent to the Utility (Water) Billing Department.
  • Three adjustments are allowed per 12 month period.