1. 2013-2015 Triennial Goal Update (PDF)

    Read through the 2013-2015 Triennial Goal Update.

  2. Bid Opportunities

    View bids and RFPs for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  3. Business Resources

    Obtain a list of helpful information and resources related to businesses.

  4. Commercial Rehabilitation Program

    Created in 2001, the Commercial Rehabilitation Program provides financial and technical assistance to business owners located in the city’s historic eastern area for property improvements.

  5. Free Business Counseling Program (PDF)

    Review information on the free business counseling program.

  6. Redevelopment

    The term redevelopment generally refers to new construction that occurs within an existing developed area, commonly one that is older and has a land use pattern and related conditions that are in need of some level of improvement.

  7. Revitalization

    The city’s revitalization efforts reflect this, ranging from housing programs to business assistance to social services, redevelopment initiatives, and public infrastructure improvements. Combined, these are bringing positive change and results.

  8. Why Choose Miramar

    The City of Miramar is located at the geographical center of corporate and business development in South Florida.