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  1. MiramarFD Safety Tips

    Welcome to MiramarFD Safety Tips. Here you could find valuable tips information that could be beneficial to life safety.

  2. Become a Firefighter

    Learn what it takes to become a firefighter within Miramar.

  3. Bill Inquiries

    Find out where you an direct you billing related inquiries to.

  4. Fee Schedule

    Find out how to obtain a fee schedule and also learn the cost of obtaining a fee schedule.

  5. Incident Reports Request

    Obtain the Miramar Fire Rescue Department's incident reports request form as well as the request and authorization for disclosure of health information form.

  6. Notice of Privacy Practices

    Please take the time to view the Notice of Privacy Practices related to the Miramar Fire Rescue Department.

  7. Seatbelt Pledge (PDF)

    View the Miramar Fire Rescue Department seat belt pledge.

  8. Social Media

    Access the social media sites associated with the Miramar Fire Rescue Department.