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Haiti Too Rich To Be Poor: IDENTITY
Haiti Too Rich To Be Poor IDENTITY - My Eyes
The Miramar Cultural Center | ArtsPark is pleased to present Haiti Too Rich To Be Poor: IDENTITY exhibit that will be featured in the Ansin Family Art Gallery May 3 through July 12, 2018

Through reminiscent photographs, innocent diary accounts and a short film “Sound The Tanbou”, artist Isaie "Zeek" Mathias contrasts the general perception of Haiti's poverty with the reality of its natural beauty, cultural contributions and human resilience.  Experience images of a beautiful island, its proud people and rich heritage.

The Ansin Family Art Gallery offers FREE, diverse art exhibitions that are thought-provoking, celebratory and creative.  For more information, to book a group tour or arrange a “Classroom in the Art Gallery” experience to meet and learn from MCC staff and artists, email our Arts and Education department or call 954-602-4519.