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Miami Urban Contemporary Exhibition
Dreams by Tavare Hill
Curated by Bart Mervil

The Miramar Cultural Center | ArtsPark is pleased to present As a Matter of Black exhibit that will be featured in the Ansin Family Art Gallery February 1 through April, 2018

As a Matter of Black
explores the figurative and literal definition of the word Black: as color, as identity, as universal matter.


Bart Mervil, CEO of MUCE, the Miami Urban Contemporary Experience has curated more than 30 exhibitions with a commitment to ensure the African Diaspora has an imprint in the Art world of South Florida. Art allows for economic growth and safe spaces for conversations about taboo societal topics. His goal with As A Matter of Black is to transform the negative connotation constantly associated with the word Black. Who decides what Black means? This show is a semblance of the curator’s perspective on the word: as identity, as color, as the universal matter & building blocks of this planet.


Jacqueline Ashley is a South Florida Native, Mother of 3 boys and porcelain dollmaker. She was inspired over 30 years ago to make dolls that reflect Black American Culture and bring feminine energy to her household of all boys! Ms. Ashley has created over 250 rare porcelain dolls over the last four decades.

Moise Dorcelin is a South Florida based painter. Available for commissions. If you have a project that may be of interest, contact him at

Tavare Hill is I'm a Miami based artist, painting for over 30 years. After graduation from New World School of the Arts and Cleveland Art Institute, he was offered his first commission to complete four to five paintings for Topher Delaney integrating sculpture and garden design. She told him, “your art work speaks validity; don’t interrupt it”. It was at that time he realized his art was being recognized by other artists.

Isaie ‘Zeek’ Mathias Born in Port-au-Prince, République d’ Haïti, raised in Miami’s Little Haïti  enclave: Isaie “Zeek” Mathias is a photographer of some artistic renown.  Zeek produces work in light & shadow that explores the “intersection of the three themes: “legacy, transmission and articulation” all of which are central to Haitian culture and the broader African diaspora culture.  The gumbo of his evocative photography is a reverberation of his formative visual influences: marketing photography and folk paintings of the natural world.  Mr. Mathias lives and works in the United States + Haïti.

Jude Papaloko Thegenus: Jude Thegenus, better known to some as Papaloko, is an artist, whose work is born through trance, the act of falling into a deep meditative state and then being possessed by a spirit whose purpose is to paint strokes of life onto canvas. At about age six, Jude moved on to study sculpture and ceramics, in addition to his dimension interest, at the Art Institute of Saint Jean Bosco and later completed his education at Lycee Antenor Firmin. Thegenus has mastered all the disciplines of Haitian art, from native to modern. He has developed a unique and personal style of working with acrylics. His one-of-a-kind textural compositions create a serene excitement.

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