City Government

  1. Office of the Commission

    Access information on the City Commission and their meetings.

  2. About Miramar

    Find details on the most current and historical structure of the City of Miramar.

  3. Boards & Commissions

    In addition to the City Commission, the city has several boards and commissions to deal with local issues.

  4. A Penny At Work

    On the ballot this November are two one-half percent (or 0.5 cent per dollar) sales surtax questions. One 0.5 cent sales surtax is proposed to fund countywide transportation projects and the other 0.5 cent sales surtax is proposed to fund infrastructure projects. Together, they represent a one percent sales surtax, which is the equivalent of one penny per dollar spent. These two ballot questions are linked together, so that both must pass in order for either to take effect. If only one ballot measure passes, then neither will be implemented. The funds generated by the combined one penny sales surtax will be used to fund a variety of projects such as enhanced transit options, traffic signal synchronization, water and sewer improvements (pipes and treatment plants), drainage improvements to address street flooding issues, and senior mobility. Both sales surtaxes would expire after 30 years.