A mechanical permit is required by State Statute when air conditioning equipment is replaced, in residential or commercial.


When it is being relocated on the property or including but not limited to new construction remodeling / alterations/ additions involving air conditioning, heating, ductwork any work related to the air conditioning system except repairs of the system



Equipment Replacement Procedures

  • Mechanical permit application signed by qualifier and notarized

  • Replacement sheet, 2 identical sets

  • AHRI Certification sheet, 2 identical sets

  • Attachment detail (tie down) 1 page description of how equipment is to be fastened to slab, stand or curb signed by a design professional or manufacturer and current less than 1 year old. 2 identical sets

  • Copy of contract, 1 copy signed by contractor and homeowner/customer


  • To obtain a time frame for your inspection call (954) 602-3214 by 7:30 am the morning of the inspection
  • Have permit card and all approved paperwork on hand the day of inspection
  • We do not inspect vacant homes; an adult must be present at time of inspection.
  • Contractors must advise homeowner of date and time frame for inspection.
  • If when inspector arrives and no one is home A reinspection fee will be charged.
  • The contractor is responsible for all of the above