Public Works Projects

Embankment Project

Citywide Embankment Stabilization and Stormwater Management

Project Scope:    Replacement of drainage ditch, culverts, and associated structures

Historic Miramar Canal Improvements (City Owned) 

Project Scope: Restoring integrity of embankments along City owned canals


Landscape & Beautification 

Project Scope: Improving right-of-way aesthetics with sustainable landscaping. This project is to improve the landscaping and irrigation within the right-of-way of University Drive between the Florida Turnpike and Pembroke Road.

Citywide Streetlights Upgrade with LED Lighting

Project Scope:  Conversion of high pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights to light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights

Street Resurfacing Project

Street Construction & Resurfacing 

Project Scope: Resurfacing of City roadways including asphalt overlay, (milling if necessary), and stripping.

Historic Miramar Infrastructure Improvements – Phase III

Project Scope:  Construction of a gravity sewer collection system, pumping station, force main, storm water drainage and Broward County water system improvements. (Water, Wastewater & Stormwater)

General Area: North - Pembroke Road, East – SW 64th Avenue, South – SW 25th Street

Historic Miramar Phase III Project
Drainage Project

Area-wide Drainage Improvements – Phases IV, V, VI

Project Scope: Construction of drainage related system improvements

General Area:   East - University Drive, South - Pembroke Road, West - State Road 7/US441, and North - County Line Road