Reclaim Water System Expansion WWRF

Currently, the City WWRF has 4.0 MGD of reclaimed water capacity permitted to meet the demands of the service area. The WWRF has a permitted treatment capacity of 12.0 MGD. This project increases the reclaimed water capacity to 6.0 MGD and will support future service within the defined region. This project incorporates additional treatment capacity within the filtration system, chlorination system and storage system. The project is in line with the City's mandate to offset on the withdrawals on the local aquifers with alternative water supplies.

December 2018 - The agenda item for the award of the construction contract to Cardinal was to presented for approval at the November 28, 2018 Commission Meeting. However, a protest was filed by Wharton Smith regarding local preference, thus the item was withdrawn from consideration. Working with the Budget Department, staff prepared the required Amendment to support the additional construction and CEI (Construction Inspection Services) costs. Item was included in the FY2018 Year End Amendment which was approved at the November 28, 2018 Commission meeting. Staff successfully negotiated the Hazen scope and fee for CEI services. The CEI Services Amendment was approved in Res 19-049 for $818,245. Staff is preparing the amendment for execution as well as the change order to the purchase order.

November 2018 - Staff has prepared and loaded the agenda item to award the Plant Expansion to Cardinal Contractors for consideration and approval on the November 28, 2018 Commission Agenda. Staff worked with Budget on a Budget Amendment to support the construction and construction services costs; additional funding needed is approximately $400,000 for Plant construction, and +/- $700,000 for Construction Inspection Services (CEI). Item is included in the FY2018 Year End Amendment to be presented to Commission on November 5, 2018. Staff met with Hazen the week of October 29, 2018 to finalize the scope and fee. Staff has loaded the Engineering Services Amendment for the CEI services and it is scheduled for the November 28, 2018 Commission meeting.

October 2018 - Bids were opened on September 20, 2018 with three (3) bids. V-Engineering, Wharton Smith and Cardinal were the bidders. Procurement is evaluating the bid responses. Bids range from $5.4M to $5.55M; Engineers estimate was between a low of $4.7M to a high of $6M. The Consultant submitted their scope and fee proposal for CEI services associated with the construction services and the package is under review.