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One Small Step

Virtual Field Trip for Schools

One Small Step is an interactive concert with music, dance, and narration. The approximate length of the production is 30 minutes.

Over fifty years ago, a brave American man stepped out of a landing craft onto the surface of the moon and made history. With the help of the Demetrius Klein Dance Company and four exciting pieces of all-American music, Palm Beach Symphony brings that indelible moment of Milky Way magic to the stage through an interactive concert in which students will literally take part in exploring such scientific concepts as the Earth’s rotation, gravity and telescope viewing. All this while thrilling to a powerful Copland fanfare, the soaring themes of Star Wars and sharing the adventures of a very special resident of Earth’s satellite, Rocky de Luna, an inquisitive moon rock.

With a special narrative accompanied by the music of Copland’s A Lincoln Portrait, students will meet Rocky as she hitches a ride with two friendly NASA astronauts on the Apollo 11 lunar module en route back to planet Earth. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin show Rocky some out-of-this-world views of the moon, help define the moon’s place in the solar system, describe how the moon affects all life on Earth ... and leave Rocky with a sense of wonder and pride in her “rockdom”!

Why not take One Small Step with the Palm Beach Symphony, and join us for this spectacular performance?


Performance Dates

The link to the concert will be shared with schools and available for viewing, free of charge, February 22 - March 5, 2021

Concert Program


Fanfare for the Common Man

Selections from Lincoln Portrait


Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman


Selections from Star Wars Suite


Maestro Gerard Schwarz


Brenda Alford


Demetrius Klein Dance Company

Curriculum Guide

The One Small Step Curriculum Guide is a resource for teachers when preparing students for the performance. The Guide contains classroom activities and lessons aligned with state curriculum standards.

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Sponsored by The Paul and Sandra Goldner Conservatory of Music.

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