Multi-Purpose Recreation Facility Project

The Vicki Coceano Youth Centeaerial of the youth centerr, located at 2001 South Douglas Road, was used for recreation and child care for many years until 2018.  

The facility deteriorated drastically experiencing ongoing roof leaks, instances of mold, ventilation issues, and other conditions that posed health and safety hazards.  The building was vacated and several options were considered, focusing on whether to repair or replace.  

After much analysis, it was determined that the facility was beyond economically feasible repairs and therefore replacement would be more cost effective and result in a more efficient facility to meet the current needs of the community.  This resulted in the development of a multi-year project that will be carried out in phases.  

  • Phase I will comprise of demolishing the existing structure and clearing the site and abutting ancillary areas.
  • Phase II will provide the design of the newly proposed facility.
  • Phase III will consist in the development of a new multi-purpose recreation facility.          

Phase I is expected to  commence and be completed in the Spring of 2023.  The total estimated project budget for all 3 Phases is $4.5M.

The City’s Project Manager is E. Denise Cone.  Walter Zackria Associates, PLLC. is the architect retained by the City.  The contractor for the development will be selected by way of a formal procurement process.  

For more information on this project, please contact Ms. Elizabeth Valera, Chief Capital Improvement Program Officer at (954) 602-3175 or

(Ref. #53027)