Emergency Medical Services

The Miramar Fire-Rescue Emergency Medical Services Division renders emergency and preventative health care to the residents of our community.

The EMS Division accomplishes its objectives using an integrated system of firefighters and administrative team members.

Customer Relationship Program

 The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Division continuously searches for innovative programs that will improve emergency services. A customer relationship program was instituted to better serve the needs of our patients.
Each resident or visitor transported by our rescue unit is surveyed by the Fire Chief's office to identify performance strengths and weaknesses. The EMS Division constantly monitors key performance indicators to assure accurate and complete system statistics. 

Preventive Health Care Programs

 This is a community's first line of defense against disease. In 1999, the EMS Division instituted a community vascular awareness program for seniors. Each week, Department paramedics monitor the blood pressure of hundreds of patients and record the data for future use.

Cordarone, a promising drug with the potential of restarting a heart that has stopped, was added to our treatment protocols. Miramar Fire-Rescue was the first Department in Florida to administer this new drug in the field. The Department is participating in a pre-hospital thrombolytic study in conjunction with Harvard University.

Miramar Fire-Rescue paramedics instituted an advanced airway protocol using paralytic drug therapy to manage complex airways. These expanded care elements are components that place Miramar Fire-Rescue among the nation's premier fire-rescue systems.  

Research and Development

 The Emergency Medical Services Division researches and develops strategic approaches to care and service level issues. Members review concepts, research medical topics and recommend cost effective approaches to managing operational needs.

The Division provides educational resources to Department members with certified instructors teaching programs that enhance medical knowledge.

In Coordination with the Training Division the Emergency Medical Services Division teaches the residents of our community through a wide array of programs that offer safety and health education.


 The Division actively seeks out advanced technology to stay on top in the field.

Being one of the first to use the pen-based computer systems allowed the Emergency Medical Service Division to monitor key performance indicators and maintain the highest patient care standards available in the EMS field and we have continued advancing since.