Office of the Chief

The chief of police is the commanding officer of the police department. He works closely with the city manager, elected officials and other directors to ensure that quality services are delivered to the community. Internal Affairs, the Joint Terrorism Task Force Officer (JTTF) and the department’s Public Information Office report to the Office of the Chief. The Office of the Chief is also responsible for the overall management and operation of Code Compliance, Support Services, Special Operations and the Community Oriented Policing bureaus.

Delrish L. Moss is Miramar Police Department’s chief of police.


  • Directs, plans, and coordinates the enforcement of the penal divisions of the City Charter.
  • Is responsible for testifying before the Mayor and the City Commissioners.
  • During a state of emergency, such as a natural disaster in the city, the Chief of Police, along with other city leaders, assumes a leadership role in planning, coordinating and directing all activities aimed at returning conditions to normal.
  • Has the responsibility and authority for the management direction and control of the operations and administration of the department and to provide efficient and effective police service to the citizens of Miramar.


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Chief of Police Delrish Moss