Parks & Facilities

The City of Miramar has over forty (40) beautiful parks that are maintained by our Parks and Recreation Department for your recreational leisure.   Our parks extend from East to West; some are visible and some are inconspicuously hidden between the compounds of our communities.   From Shirley Branca Park to Miramar Regional Park, these luscious landscaped acres of green space emphasizes the beauty and progress of Miramar.    While you're bike riding through park trails or just engulfing the clean air while enjoying a picnic with your family, our vast green space is here for your enjoyment.

Take a look and see what our 
parks have to offer!
The Parks and Recreation Department has four (4) recreational facilities that offer classes and programs  along with rental opportunities  for your next birthday party, baby shower, and corporate event for indoor enjoyment.  If you prefer being outdoors, we have numerous pavilions  and shelters that are available for rent  as well.   These spaces are within your own back yard! 

We also have two (2) large  swimming facilities  with additional bonuses such as funbrella rentals and water park playgrounds.  Why drive thirty minutes to the beach when our pools are just minutes away!
Did you know tennis is one of the trendiest sports right now!  Visit our tennis facilities and receive professional training from our experienced tennis pros.    Learn the defined art of this sport.

Look to our Parks and Facilities to fit your lifestyle!