City of Miramar Tennis

To best protect our residents and employees the City of Miramar will be reopening in phases. In this phase, the City will return to offering residents free use of tennis courts at both Lakeshore Park and the Silver Lakes Tennis Complex

Given the new circumstances, to use the courts, and adhere to the CDC guidelines of social distancing, the use of courts will be managed by way of a reservation. 

If you are interested in utilizing a court, please contact the following for availability and reservation: 

Lakeshore Park
Bill Adams Tennis Academy (954) 394-5769

Silver Lakes Tennis Complex
DTI Developmental Tennis (954) 512-9733

Effective June 1, 2020, the Tennis Courts at Lakeshore Park and the Silver Lakes Tennis Complex will be opened.  Because tennis does not require any direct person-to-person contact, we estimate that players can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits that tennis offers provided social distancing is practiced, and guidelines and CDC recommended precautions are followed.  Should the City determine that precautionary measures are not followed, the courts will be closed.

No player is allowed on the courts if they:

•             Exhibit symptoms of a cold or those associated with the Corona Virus.

•             Have a temperature of over 100.3


•             Court reservations can be made from the hours of 8:00am to 6:00 pm. seven (7) days a week.

•             Use of courts shall be limited to 2 people, and the coach at any one time. (single play only)

•             No group lessons are permitted at this time.

•             Masks must be worn if the six-foot distancing minimum is not met.   

•             Reservations for lessons are required.  Players must arrive as close as possible to appointment.

•             No guests or spectators allowed.

•             Waiver must be signed and collected from each player.

•             Temperature must be taken and written on the waiver form.

•             Use of courts is limited to one hour. 

•             Restrooms will remain closed.

•             Bring a full water bottle as water fountains will be inoperable.

Players must:

•             Wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before going to the court.

•             Clean and wipe down your equipment, including racquets and water bottles.

•             Do not share racquets or any other equipment.

•             Consider taking extra precautions such as wearing gloves.

•             Avoid touching court gates, fences, benches, etc. if you can.

When Playing:

Although unlikely, it’s possible that a tennis ball can transmit the COVID-19 virus, as virtually any hard surface can transmit the disease.  The following should be adhered to:

•             Coaches will implement a mechanism to assure ball usage is sanitary.

•             If a ball from another court comes to you, send it back with a kick or with your racquet.

•             Use your racquet/foot to pick up balls. Avoid using hands to pick up the balls.

•             Physical contact with other players or coach is to be avoided. (ie. shaking hands or high fives).

•             Avoid touching your face after handling a ball, racquet or other equipment.

•             Stay on one side of court. There will be no switching sides after games.

After Playing:

•             Players must leave the court and facility as soon as lesson is completed.

•             Have no extra-curricular or social activity. No congregation after playing.

City of Miramar Tennis